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Our Vision:

"To make young minds successful by imparting quality education through technology", and our use of computers to teach, has enabled school students to experience a new way of learning. We invented the concept of SMART SCHOOLS, which fully leverage the benefits of Information Technology. The concept aims to use computer education to build a computer literate India by creating Smart Students, Smart Teachers and a Smart Society.

The Advantages

The Computer Education packages from Cyber-Tech are truly low cost products, which are ideally suited for schools that want to introduce computer education in their curriculum. Since it offers an IT literacy program that covers the fundamentals of computer education at a minimum investment, this package is ideal for new schools that haven't yet introduced computer education. We have discovered that different schools have different needs in terms of infrastructure, investment and methodology. For that reason we have tailored our computer education program into three distinct packages:

The Board Package

This is a higher-end IT education program, specifically designed to match the CBSE curriculum. It is ideally suited for schools that have to teach computer science, but are not fully equipped to do so. The package contains lessons as per Board specifications, ensuring that each student gets the stipulated amount of computer education on a weekly basis. The program helps schools meet the timetables set by the board syllabus.

The Classic Package

This comprehensive IT integration program is tailor-made for upcoming schools that plan to initiate computer education and computer-aided education into their curriculum. This package uses an extensive curriculum and provides students with adequate lab facilities and machine time. This is an affordable package, ideally suited for schools that have yet to build up a strong financial base

The IT Pro Pacakge

This is a comprehensive IT integration program that is designed for schools that have already started computer education, but are in need of an advanced program that can be added to the one that is already running. This is a much more evolved package, designed to create a technically superior student.


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