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Computer Education:
Our Vision: "To make young minds successful by imparting quality education through technology", and our use of computers to teach, has enabled school students to experience a new way of learning. The concept of SMART TRAINING, which fully leverage the benefits of Information Technology. The concept aims to use computer education to build a computer literate India by creating Smart Students, Smart Teachers and a Smart Society.

The Advantages
The Computer Education packages from Cyber-Tech are truly low cost products, which are ideally suited for schools that want to introduce computer education in their curriculum. Since it offers an IT literacy program that covers the fundamentals of computer education at a minimum investment, this package is ideal for new schools that haven't yet introduced computer education.

We have discovered that different schools have different needs in terms of infrastructure, investment and methodology.

Computer Aided Education:
Goals of Computer Aided Education
The use of computer networks and information technology are becoming an important part of the everyday work environment. The trend began with many universities and education organizations deciding to plan new strategies concerning computer based technologies.

As a result of these developments Computer Aided Education (CAE) methods gained popularity in the market.

The goal of CAE is to develop the learning capacity of students and increase the teaching productivity and effectiveness of instructors with the help of advanced computer-based technologies. CAE needs to become an integrated part of the education process. It is also desirable to use this technology to develop attractive courses for distance education.

Another area of interest is to use information technology to develop attractive and understandable demonstrations of typical projects in the field of photogrammetry.

Advantages of CAE
Using CAE methods, students can state and explain the basic concepts in the subject easily and can participate in discussions of advanced concepts related to the subject content. Using visualization techniques, computer graphics images are created. These images display the data and the mathematical relations of the interested subject for the interpretation, particularly of multidimensional cases.

Objectives of CAE

  • To develop the learning capacity of students
  • Increase the teaching productivity and effectiveness
  • To be an integrated part of the regular curriculum
  • To develop attractive courses for distance education

What you need to look for in a good CAE package

  • A well defined learning objective
  • Quality graphics and voice over capabilities
  • The examples, scenarios, voice overs relevant to the geographical, demographical features of the land
  • Easy to use navigational buttons/ Menu
  • Topic flows gradually followed by exercises and then feedback on understanding levels
  • Capability of using it independently-- less dependency of other modules
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Easy installation process
  • Disk space requirements
  • Plug in facilities
  • Minimum Software requirement
  • Availability of instructional material
  • Self paced approach
  • Presented in a learner's context




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